We are a leading outsourcing company that has worked for many global companies around the world. However, we understand that every company has its own requirements, different work conditions and regulations that they need to abide by. So, we Advance Accounting, as an outsource company has come up with different processes that can help the clients to make the choice as per the requirement. Here are the different process options that we offer to clients.

Feature Server Based Option Remote Access Based Option Online Software Based Option
How software is accessed Work on the software at our back office We at our end, connect to your computer using a remote desktop access service provided by you or like service such as GoToMyPC.com or Secure VPN from our back office. We (Indian Bookkeeper), login to Online Accounting Software (eg quickbooksonline.com) and update the books
Data Location Our Data Center Your Desktop PC Accounting Software Provider
Data Access by Client Download Data File from Server On your own computer Data cannot be Downloaded View Online
Equipments Required PC Scanner/Fax PC Scanner/Fax Scanner/Fax
Secured Server Based : This is one of the most preferred and most recommended services that client opts. The secured server includes a server space that is established by the secured communication channel of SSL. Now, this is not only the SSL certificates but also the secured FTP Server that can establish strong and secure connection between us and the client. It ensures that every data and communication sent over are free from any malicious activities and also protected. In such process, the clients upload the data to the server and we download it here before making all the reports and accountancy related process. The final version is again put into the server from where the client downloads and uses it. This can be used regardless of the size of the file and process.